Unless stated otherwise, all sites mentioned are freely accessible

(The) Afghanistan Analyst:
Professional and authoritative Afghanistan watchers site, regularly publishing thoroughly researched articles and reports on numerous subjects, based in Kabul. Comments of its leading researchers are widely quoted in international media wrtings. Academic and research

Afghanistan Online Press (Afghan News Service):
Very useful daily news updates and reproductions in English, Dari and Pashto of the most important articles from the international press concerning developments in Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries. The site also provided a broad scala of international press and radio links. General public and research

Afghanistan Start Pagina:
The site, in Dutch, provides numerous links to everything you always wanted to know about Afghanistan. Special about Uruzgan province. General public

Afghanistan Sun:
Useful site providing daily news from international sources, main focus on Afghanistan and Central Asia. General public and research

Afghanistan Today:
Mainly presenting extensive background reporting on all sorts of local and regional Afghan affairs, this site is an especially useful addition to daily news sites. research

Al Jazeera:
Renowned daily on all affairs in the whole wide world, published from Oman. Daily articles on actual developments in Islamic South Asia. Daily visit recommended. General public

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Afghanistan (AGA):
Bi-lingual site in German and English, mostly presenting academic works, but it contains source-materials and symposia and workshop reports as well. Reliable, but irregularly updated. Research

Aryana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy:
Another Islamabad-based institute. It regularly publishes special analytical reports on actual regional questions; it also provides useful bibliographies. It maintains an up-to-date news site. Research and general public

Asia Times Online:
Covering all of Asia this site daily updates its articles (in English), and on South Asia as well. It regularly publishes analytical articles by ‘external’ authors, who are invited to contribute to the site. Informative, highly opined contents fit for regular consultation. General public and research

Asian Affairs:
Huge website based in Hong Kong with restricted entrance, but it provides numerous links to think-tanks, institutes and publications in many, many Asian countries. A useful site, but be prepared to spent some time and effort on using it. Research, investigative journalism, general public

Benazir Bhutto:
Her official website, maintained nowadays by her son and heir, Bilawal Bhutto. Among others, Mrs. Bhutto’s handwritten political will can be found here, as well as speeches, interviews and articles. Also contains info about (but no link to) the Pakistan‘s People Party (PPP). General public, journalism, research

British Broadcasting Company:
Among all possible services, included on this site is an excellent Urdu news unit. The BBC regularly provides news and background-information on South Asian Affairs. Useful. General public, journalism.

Brookings Institution:
Another famed American think-tank on international affairs. More narrowly focused on US affairs and their international dimensions, it hosts conferences on many issues. Extensive research programmes, incidental articles and reports on Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs. Research and investigative journalism

Business Recorder:
Pakistani daily. Besides international economic affairs, it informs you first and foremost on economic and political highligths of the country in short articles. Handy ‘Company News’ section included. Investigative journalism

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:
Reputed American think-tank, publishing major research and opinions on a huge number of subjects. In its monthly ‘South Asian Perspectives’ newsletter one will find articles from all major regional and extra-regional papers. Prominent speakers are often invited to shine their light on regional developments. Research and investigative journalism

(The) Center for International Policy:
American think tank, currently headed by Selig S. Harrison. Next to Mr. Harrison’s own contributions, other academics provide opined and well-researched articles and reports on international developments. Just push the ‘Asia Home’ button to reach the Asia Programme page. Research

Center for Strategic and International Studies:
Huge Washington-based research institute on international affairs – all international affairs. Among numerous regional studies, regular well-researched reports come out on specific South Asian topics. A recommended site for in-depth information. Research and investigative journalism

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute:
American research institute, publishes a bi-weekly ‘Analyst’ magazine on Central Asian and Caucasian developments. Authoritative on Central Asia; periodical articles on Afghanistan and South Asian countries, mainly from a Russian international perspective. Research and investigative journalism

(The) Christian Science Monitor:
Influential daily containing regular articles on South Asian developments. Maintains its own correspondents in the region. General public

Congressional Research Service Reports and Issue Briefs:
Published by the U.S. Department of State, the Research Service Reports provide in-depth analysis of developments in specific countries, likewise on subjects. Easily accessible, these reports give you a lot of historical and actual information in a short time. They are regularly up-dated, although it takes quite some weeks if not months before ‘your’ subject turns up again. Research and investigative journalism

Council on Foreign Relations:
Authoritative American think-tank on international affairs. Publishes the well-known magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’, but numerous articles and background information on every conceivable subject as well. Highly useful site. Academic, research, investigative journalism

(The) Daily Outlook Afghanistan:
Afghan daily, providing thoughtful comments on actual developments in and concerning Afghanistan. Espeially vocal against seeking ‘peace’ with the Taliban movement too eagerly by the Karzai government. Also carrying highly opiniated background articles on main developments, like the withdrawal of ISAF from the country, and its possible consequences. Investigative journalism, research

Daily Times:
Major Pakistani daily newspaper, with main focus on national news. Article length varies; for daily consultation. Well informed, interesting columnists. General public and investigative journalism.

Major Pakistani daily, and its oldest one, too. It provides loads of information on every issue of importance; user-friendly subdivision in province-links. Its articles are usually short and well written. For daily consultation. General public

Directory of official websites of Government of India:
No further explanation needed. Many links to governmental and institutional organizations.
Journalism and general public

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Useful official government site accessible in five languages. Contains newsflashes, speeches and articles. General public and journalism

(The) Economist:
Well-known British weekly magazine, which regularly pays attention to developments in South Asian countries. Interesting daily news analysis section. Especially good at describing subjects from a global perspective. General public, journalism

Available in English and Russian. Though the site focuses on news items emanating from all former Soviet republics in both Europe and Asia, major developments in their links and contacts with Afghanistan and Pakistan regularly receive their fair share of attention. Providing useful information on an otherwise under-reported region. General public, investigative journalism

European Commission:
Information on every aspect imaginable about the European Union’s foreign policy and relations. Search under ‘Asia’ if you want to find out more about the current state of relations between the European Union and India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Investigative journalism, research

(The) Express Tribune:
Pakistani daily. Next to broad reporting on Pakistani affairs and its neighbouring countries, it carries an interesting daily opninion section. General public, investigative journalism

Foreign Affairs:
Famed bi-monthly magazine on international affairs, published by the Council on Foreign relations. It often publishes in-depth articles by leading (American) politicians and academics, reflecting official U.S. policy. Also regular contributions on South Asian affairs. Research and investigative journalism

Foreign Policy:
From January 2009 the American ‘Foreign Policy’ has been transferred into a daily magazine. Occasionally, in-between articles covering virtually all aspects of worldwide developments, it contains in-depth articles on South Asian affairs. A magazine that surprises. General public and investigative journalism

(The) Frontier Post:
English language daily, published from Peshawar. It regularly features both news and opinion pieces on actual accurances and developments in adjacent Afghanistan. General public

Bi-weekly Indian magazine, mainly focusing on Indian internal developments but also with regular contributions on regional affairs. Often critical, it manages to surprise you with articles on unexpected subjects, and interviews with unexpected persons. General public

In its freely accessible Sit(uation) Reps (Reports), often downloaded from other sites, regular items concerning Afghanistan and Pakistan appear on this American site. Specialist technical reports (on weapon systems, for instance) are published here as well. Useful current news section with contributions from Voice of America (VOA) and other radio stations. Research and general public

(The) Globe and Mail:
Canadian daily, contains irregular but interesting articles on recent developments in Pakistan and Afghanistan, owing to the presence of quite a number of Canadian soldiers. Own correspondents and guest-writers. General public

(The) Heritage Foundation:
A ‘leadership for America’ site, covering worldwide developments from an American interest perspective. Incidental contributions on South Asian developments. Research

Hindustan Times:
Well-known Indian daily. Contains regular articles on regional developments, especially concerning Pakistan, terrorism and US initiatives in the region. General public

(The) Indian Express:
Though primarily focusing on a broad range of Indian affairs, this daily also regularly pays attention to developments in neighbouring Pakistan, and to Afghan developments. Together with an interesting opinion section, this makes a paper to regularly consult. Investigative journalism, research

Institute for Afghan Studies:
Main contributor to this site is Dr G. Rauf Roshan, an Afghan academic, who provides it with monthly updates. There are some interesting constitutional sources to be found, plus some guest columns. Weak on current affairs. Mostly research

Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses:
Delhi based, exists since 1965. Presents regular reports and research on many topics covering worldwide developments, South Asian ones included. Also brings out a number of interesting journals, publishing books as well. Academic

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies:
Independent Indian research institute. Regular publications on different levels on South Asian developments; India-centered. Apart from research reports and conference- and seminar reports, it also publishes useful Special Reports on the region. Research

Institute of Regional Studies:
Reputed research institute in Islamabad. Especially good in publishing research on Pakistan and South Asia, but also on Asia in general. Brings out a number of publications (English). Organizing of and participating in seminars. Academic

(The) Institute of Strategic Studies:
Policy research institute, based in Islamabad. It publishes four major magazines, though these appear irregularly. It has a special China Study Centre. Academic

(The) International Council On Security and Development:
Previously known as the Senlis Council, ICOS regularly publishes valuable authentic research on Afghanistan (in English). Its reports have acquired certain fame, especially since it suggested using Afghan ‘poppy for medicine’. Research and general public

Islamabad Policy Research Institute:
Providing lots of information on contemporary Pakistani and regional events. Regularly publishing a number of magazines and articles. Main contributor: Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema. Useful. Research and general public

Islamic Republic News Agency:
Truly internationally oriented news site based in Iran, although its webtitle and address may suggest otherwise. Most of us may use the ‘English’ button. Especially good in reporting extensively on daily affairs. General public, journalism

(The) Jamestown Foundation (Global Terrorism Analysis):
Research institute, publishing on international ‘terroristic affairs’. Regular in-depth contributions can be found on South Asia. Research

(The) Killid Group:
Afghan news site, presenting weekly news and background reporting. Often quite critical about the current government (the Karzai government) and parliament of the country. Very vocal in defending independence and freedom of the press in Afghanistan. Highlighting regional economic and social affairs as well. Also a fancy on-line radio station! Investigative journalism

(The) Media Line:
Calls itself ‘The Mideast News Source’. Primarily focusing on developments in the Middle East, but regularly paying attention to Afghan affairs as well. General public

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (Pakistan):
Official website containing a country profile, a who is who list, basic source materials, fresh news updates (also in Urdu), and links to Pakistani media. General public

(The) Nation:
Pakistani daily, focusing primarily on events and developments in Pakistan. Seeking to honour its motto (‘The best English language daily’), it regularly publishes background stories on a range of Pakistani affairs, in particular its political developments. General public

(The) New York Times:
One of America’s main windows on the world. Regular worthwhile contributions on South Asia. Investigative journalism and general public

(The) News International:
Major Pakistani daily, providing you with all there is to know about developments in and around Pakistan. Huge opinion section, interesting Special On Sunday. For daily consultation. General public and investigative journalism

Newsweek Pakistan:
Although its name suggests otherwise, this is a daily paper commenting on a range of regional and domestic subjects. Though still worth consulting, its opinion section has recently been somewhat degraded. General public, investigative journalism

Pakistan Election Committee:
Useful site (English) containing election results, members of government(s) and parliaments, freshly updated political news. General public and research

Pakistan Observer:
Styling itself as ‘the eyes and ears of Pakistan’, this daily published from Islamabad seeks te report on all matters concerning Pakistani affairs and its international dimensions. Though useful to consult regularly, this relatively new daily still seeks to establish itself as a leading English language news source. Genral public, investigative journalism

Pakistan Start Pagina:
Numerous links (mostly in Dutch) to many links concerning Pakistan. Easy. General public

Pakistan Virtual Library:
Useful general info site with links to Pakistan’s vibrant English language press and Political Parties home sites, cultural and historical basics, and a (modest) news link in English and Urdu. General public and research

(The) Pioneer:
Daily magazine with news and background info about India and its regional surroundings. Regular interesting contributions by external columnists. Investigative journalism and general public

Rand Corporation:
American think-tank and educational institution, publishing on all imaginable subjects in several ways. Like most think-tanks, it also runs an online bookstore. Its Research Briefs are freely accessible; occasionally, one may find an interesting Brief on Afghanistan. Research

South Asia Analysis Group:
Informative Indian site with numerous papers on numerous subjects. Regular and solid contributions on Afghan, Pakistani and Indian affairs. The site runs a huge accessible archive. Worth regular visits. Research and investigative journalism

South Asia Terrorism Portal:
Indian site with daily updates on South Asian terrorism. Contains a weekly intelligence update. Useful though not always updated listing of South Asian terrorist groups and their origins. Investigative journalism, research

Tehran Times:
Iranian daily. Occasionally provides informative articles on recent events in Iran’s neighbouring countries. Try its ‘Politics’ section.General public, journalism.

(The) Times of India:
Huge Indian daily covering Indian affairs in detail but Pakistani developments as well. Better then Hindustan Times. General public

TOLO News:
Well-established daily Afghan news site, mainly reporting on Afghan affairs from an international perspective. Though its articles are usually quite short, as a rule they manage to solidly convey the central message. General publicHuge Indian daily covering Indian affairs in detail but Pakistani developments as well. Better then Hindustan Times. General public

(The) Tribune:
One of India’s oldest dailies, nowadays published from Chandigarh. Mainly focused on internal Indian developments, but in its ‘Other Pages’ other subjects are regularly described. General public

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan:
This official UN-site regularly contains reports on recent developments in Afghanistan, plus a useful ‘Leading stories in today’s Afghan media’ section. General public, journalism, research

(The) Washington Post:
Another major American east coast daily. Often contains informative articles on South Asian affairs. Investigative journalism and general public

(The) World Today:
Monthly British publication on international affairs by the well-known Chatham House institute. Contains irregular but interesting contributions on developments in South Asia. Journalism, research