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Negotiations Impossible Without Ceasefire: Ghani
Monday, September 9, 2019

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President Ashraf Ghani, who addressed a ceremony on the appointment of the new head of the National Directorate of Security, said that the Afghan government is ready to continue peace negotiations, but they are not possible without a ceasefire.

“Our way is clear. We have chosen sustainable and dignified peace and we will not go back,” Mr. Ghani said. “Negotiations [with the Taliban] are impossible without a ceasefire.”

He said that the people want peace and that the ownership of the process is by Afghans.

“We created national and international consensus on peace. We created the environment for peace, but the Taliban took it wrong,” he said.

Mr. Ghani said the Afghan government has a proper plan for peace and is strengthening its regional and international relations in this respect.

He said that the Islami Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghan forces will not be compromised in the peace process.

Mr. Ghani said that the Taliban has safe havens in other countries, without naming a specific country.

“If you [the Taliban] will leave these relations, you will be embraced by Afghans. You will be embraced by Afghans if you leave drugs business,” he said.

President Ghani called on all political elites in Afghanistan to show their commitment to the Afghan people and build a proper relationship.

He assured the nation that peace will come but it will be a real peace which is the main demand of Afghans.

Mr. Ghani said that election is the only solution for “the inherited crisis” of the past four decades.

This comes as US President Donald Trump called off negotiations with the Taliban.

His decision was faced with mixed reaction among Afghan politicians and the ordinary Afghans.


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