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Renovation of Darul Aman Palace Almost Complete
SOURCE: Daily Outlook Afghanistan
Wednesday, July 10,2019

KABUL – The reconstruction of Darul Aman Palace has completed 90 percent and will be ready to host the celebration of Afghanistan’s Independence Day in another two months.

Darul Aman Palace was built during the era of King Amanullah Khan who ruled Afghanistan from 1919 to 1929.

Engineers say they have used materials produced in Afghanistan to rebuild this historical palace including marble from Herat province and wood from Kunar province.

Nearly 1,000 Afghans are employed by the project to rebuild the Darulaman and Tajbeg, the two historical palaces which were severely damaged during the civil war in Afghanistan.

“There was no foreigner advisor, engineers or labors in the project rather it was an Afghani movement,” said Abdul Rahman Atash, a government official who is overseeing the reconstruction of the project.

Officials said that the reconstruction of Darul Aman Palace cost nearly $10 million, two percent less than the amount which was predicted by foreign companies.

“The work of the [Darulaman] palace structure is completed hundred percent. I can say our project is completed 90 percent,” said Javid Huma, an Afghan engineer working at the palace.

Tajbeg Palace is a palace built in the 1920s to house the Afghan royal family and is located near the Darul Aman Palace.

Abdul Manan Mukhlis, another Afghan engineer working at the Tajbeg Palace said that the reconstruction of the palace is completed 80 percent and they are trying to complete it before the celebration of Afghanistan’s Independence this year.

President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the reconstruction project of Darul Aman Palace in 2016 and said it was one of the main demands of Afghans to see the palace renovated.

The Afghan government is planning to use the palace as a museum upon completion.


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