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Written by Olivier Immig & Jan van Heugten







Since September 11, 2001 the Taliban, Al Qaeda and religiously based terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India have gained the international limelight. This has resulted in a huge increase in government policy papers, institutional research reports, international conferences and what have you. In our times, these countries have seldom been given closer international scrutiny; reading and analysing it all, next to ‘digesting’ other relevant publications, is practically impossible.
As a public service, but also in an attempt to create a helpful broad overview and to provide some sort of scientific data base, we provide a list of as many research reports as we have been and are able to trace. We have experienced that regular institutional libraries (universities, ministries, research institutes, think tanks) are usually not able to provide all the source materials one is searching for.
Of course, there are some limitations here as well. Since the large majority of all reports worldwide have been written in English, we only enlist works in that language. This is not to say that reports written in other languages are qualitatively inferior; it merely indicates that they are often less accessible and known. Another limitation is the date of publication; we focus on recent materials, published since 1995. Thirdly, making them all available on-line would require a major administrative operation, no doubt including a lot of haggling about rights and rules. Therefore, we merely provide all titles and authors if mentioned, origin, date and place of publication. Lastly, we have sorted all materials chronologically, starting in December, 2015.

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