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Past And Current Govt Blasted For Releasing Prisoners
Friday, April 29, 2016 (Posted)

Although some officials of the National Unity Government (NUG) termed the release of Taliban prisoners as a ‘historical mistake’, a number of political analysts believe the NUG, like its predecessor, has committed the same mistake on a number of occasions.

They said Thursday that President Ashraf Ghani, when he headed the Transition Coordination Commission, tried to secure the release of Bagram prisoners, who were accused of terrorist activities.

“Both governments tried to release Taliban prisoners. [Former president] Hamid Karzai and [President] Ashraf Ghani should be held accountable for this,” said Faizullah Jalal, a political analyst.

Even though the internal security commission of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) hasn’t received the exact number of Taliban members released so far, the chairman of the commission Mirdad Nijrabi however said that the release of the Taliban prisoners has resulted in an increase in violence in the country.

“As far as we know, a large number of Taliban were released from Afghan prisons. The government should punish those who have committed violence. But I want to say it again, after that the former government and the NUG were strongly criticized, and six months ago the president issued an order that even those who have completed their term in prison should be kept under custody by security organizations, so that they will not join the Taliban ranks again,” Nijrabi said.

Political analysts said that Ghani even said during his presidential campaign that he had tried to secure the release of prisoners.

Shahussain Murtazawi, the deputy spokesman for Ghani, said: “I am the deputy spokesman for the president, [I was] not in charge of his campaign during elections.”

“I speak about current situations and want to mention that the president didn’t have judicial authority then. However, during Karzai’s period they had judicial officials and no doubt we have inherited a large number of the problems from the former government,” he added.

The Chief Executive’s Office said that one of the prisoners released from prison carried out the recent attack on the secret service unit in Kabul – which resulted in the death of 64 people.

“Those who have released criminals from prisons will be held accountable by the government. Last week’s deadly attack on the secret service unit [in Kabul] was also carried out by someone who had been released from prison, someone who was previously imprisoned for anti-government activities,” said Jawed Faisal, the deputy spokesman for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Political analysts believe that the government’s interference in the judicial system and the presence of widespread corruption might have resulted in the release of Taliban prisoners.

The government meanwhile confirmed that the president has been sent a list of imprisoned militants, who have been sentenced to death.

This comes amid a growing request by people, through social media, for the president to sign off on execution orders.


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